Dec 6, 2017

Best of Blurbs 4

The Cheever Letters will return in January.

This blurb contains mild adult language.

Nov 3, 2017

Best of Blurbs 3

Here is the next blurb to keep you busy until the Cheever Letters returns.

This blurb contains mild adult language.

Sep 23, 2017

Best of Blurbs 2

More yukks to tide you over. Cheever Letters minute 15 coming soon.

This blurb contains mild adult language.

Aug 18, 2017

Best of Blurbs 1

Here are some additional yukks to keep you going until the show returns.

This blurb contains mild adult language.

May 30, 2017

Cheever Letters ep 14

Jerry utters the infamous line from this episode in the coffee shop.

May 11, 2017

May 4, 2017

Mar 2, 2017

Cheever Letters ep 10

We discuss the silent H club and the cabin acting as a sanctuary.

Cheever Letters ep 9

Of course Jerry likes Sandra and his last words to me were...

Cheever Letters ep 8

Henry forgot to ask you something and Jerry was really being sincere.

Cheever Letters ep 7

George tries to make conversation and Henry no longer hides his contempt.

Cheever Letters ep 6

Kramer can't and won't go back to the public courses and George takes off.

Cheever Letters ep 5

Sandra storms off dramatically and Kramer asks for more cigars.

Cheever Letters ep 4

Sandra makes an appearance and Elaine lies to her face.

Cheever Letters ep 3

George eats some pretzels and Jerry will be off the phone in a minute!

Cheever Letters ep 2

George stammers and Jerry continues on with his hammy delivery.

Feb 20, 2017

Cheever Letters ep 1

Jerry and George discuss meeting the father and burning down his cabin.

Feb 16, 2017

Non Fat Yogurt ep 22

Newman can't eat this, and we conclude our Non Fat Yogurt episodes.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 21

We discover the elusive plot terminology and reminisce about CGA monitors.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 20

Lloyd Braun gets fired and talk about the Costanza's living room layout.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 19

George bumps his elbow and there is a report about Mr. Giuliani's cholesteral.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 18

Guest commentator joins to review the yogurt verdict and Doctor Dektor.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 17

Kramer mentions Mayor Dinkins' name tag plan and we talk about stock.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 16

We find a connection between Twin Peaks and Seinfeld and Lloyd hasn't called.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 15

Leeann's second favorite line ever and a test tube gets contaminated.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 14

Jerry yells at Matthew and Kramer plays with a Bunsen Burger after hours.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 13

Matthew meets up with Jerry and we talk more about cereal boxes.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 12

Kramer meets a lab assistant and George double fists nasty pizza slices.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 11

Delving into Leeann's favorite line ever and graffiti by the chem lab.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 10

That Lloyd Braun, he is something! and Newman shares a work anecdote.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 9

A new guest joins us as we ramble on about FCC regulations and Lloyd Braun.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 8

Lloyd discussed George with the mayor of New York and Maryedith stops by.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 7

Tommy Tune is very tall, Lloyd stops by the Costanzas and George tries to hide.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 6

Elaine calls the FDA, Jerry starts the insanity and Estelle's chicken pitcher.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 5

We talk about the cereal boxes and Elaine has put on 5...10 pounds.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 4

Sweaterman chews up the scenery and check out Jerry's collection of VHS tapes.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 3

George runs into Lloyd Braun, has an arm spasm and Elaine pops up.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 2

Discussing the mysterious monk, Jerry's f-bomb and the wall sconces.

Non Fat Yogurt ep 1

The maiden voyage of Seinfeld Minute. We begin the Non Fat Yogurt episode.